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-Favorite moments gaming: Getting a Victory Royale, getting an ultra rare player in Ultimate Team, and finally picking up a copy of the latest gaming title
-Favorite gaming genre: Open world RPGs
-Gets super competitive when playing with friends

Gaming. Technology. Witnessing how far things have come, while looking onward to how far things will grow is the most exciting thing for me. Gaming lets you interact and learn from stories based on real historical events, but also immerse yourself in mythical realms and fantastical universes. MOD brings a range of accessories to enhance these such experiences with comfort, convenience, and powerful capabilities so you can #TakeCTRL of your game. Our Smart Accessories & Furniture are made for a broader audience which include those that do not identify as gamers, but still appreciate stylish, unique tech products.

As a gamer, I understand the importance of having a well thought out gaming setup. With limited space in homes, it is important to have furniture that is comfortable, creates convenience and is economical with space. MOD's furniture range has been designed to encompass multi-faceted features in order to eliminate the need for two separate products, i.e. having a chair with speakers. I hope to build products which have powerful product design and intricate functionality that benefit you - Gamers & Tech Enthusiasts alike.

We are Machines of Destiny, an amalgamation of Design & Technology. With MOD's strong e-commerce platform, I plan to expand MOD to as many countries as possible. I hope to continue the momentum of innovation and develop products that inspire a community which shares a passion for gaming and smart technology.

MOD provides a safe space for gamers & tech junkies to share their feedback on what peripherals and accessories they need, and how they could improve. We are your one stop to a complete high performance gaming-work setup, with products that elevate your day and your lifestyle.

Here's to our Destiny!

Karan Chainrai
Founder, CEO and Creative Director

Why we started

Machines of Destiny was born with an aim to bring people from all corners of the globe with immersive, yet affordable tech products that can enhance their gaming experiences and/or their general lifestyles. Our products are not solely for gamers since many of them are multifunctional. Whether its casual/competitive gamers looking to accessorise their gaming set-ups with reliable and premium products or someone looking for tech products to improve their day to day tasks, our product range is engineered to satisfy both parties.


Why MOD?

MOD aims to be the first tech company to push the limits of innovation in gaming accessories and provide users with unique hardware accessories with differentiated features. MOD aims to be a premium, affordable household name for Smart Accessories worldwide.

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