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MOD-ify your home gaming/office set-up and elevate your day no matter what your day entails. Stay comfortable and supported with the Draco during long hours of gaming/working. Reduce eye strain and stay energised through your daily tasks with the Oracles. Finally, keep all your devices charged and enjoy extra space for your files or gaming accessories. Complete your setup with MOD.

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oracle from home

Get through your daily tasks with the Oracles. Both the Oracle and Oracle Pro can access Voice Assistant without your ever having to pick up a device. Set alarms, timers, and reminders to keep you on track with your routine. Stay connected to the office with the Oracles. You can receive and make calls as well as respond to messages, all without lifting a finger.  Oracle models with Anti-Blue Light Lenses will filter out Blue light to ensure you are able to cope with long hours of screen time. Reduce eye strain and keep your eyes fresh so you remain productive.

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Draco's have been ergonomically designed to preserve good posture and provide extra support with its neck and lumbar cushions. This reduces strain on the spine, especially during long hours of work/gaming. A stylish piece of furniture that will elevate your game and support your grind. The Draco is an unmatchable ergonomic part of your home/gaming set-up. 



Perfect for home office or gaming setups. Packed with up to 6 USB ports and 2 Qi-Wireless Charging Pads, our tables will assist you in keeping a maximum of 8 devices charged at once. Stay organised, efficient, and productive with all your peripherals and devices at arms length, fully charged. The Obsidian is the perfect foundation for a epic gaming/office setup.

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