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take ctrl of your career

At MOD, you'll be at the crossroads of gaming and smart accessories. We encourage video game enthusiasts to consider MOD for their careers as they understand the needs of gamers first-hand. 


A new generation of games requires a new generation of gaming accessories. MOD aims to satiate this need. We strive to bring the highest level of products to truly elevate gamers experiences. We believe that the state of gaming and technology will truly revolutionise thanks to the metaverse, making it interconnected to our daily lives in the virtual world.

Find yourself part of a multicultural team that cross collaborate across WORK and PLAY. If video games is something you are passionate about, MOD is the place to be.


MOD holds its employees up to a high standard. Teamwork, passion, and a drive to WIN is what makes a MOD team member excel. Join us and find out what it takes to be part of the winning edge - Take CTRL and join us now!

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