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Take CTRL of your day with our low latency Bluetooth Smart Glasses, the Oracle Pro. Enjoy your favorite music, games, and even make calls without losing awareness of your surroundings. 

From Anti-Blue Light Lenses to Sunglasses, your eyes will be protected from long periods of screen time or the sun. This model features Bone Conduction Audio Technology, providing you with superior sound quality and that extra privacy you need when making calls & consuming your content.

The MOD Oracle Pro is built with high end materials, encapsulating powerful technology with a sleek yet minimalistic finish. Enjoy crystal clear high-end audio frequencies with ultimate privacy on the go in all environments.


CTRL who hears what YOU hear.


Oracle gives you a true hands free experience without minimising awareness to your surroundings. Whether you're driving, hiking, or skiing, expect a high-end listening experience on the go. Continue your conversation with your friends even while listening to your favourite tracks. The future is now. Fashionable, functional, and fun.

The MOD Oracle Pro is perfect for those who want a low-key listening experience with a fashionable look to be adored. Make a statement in GOLD or SILVER, color options available upon checkout.

MOD Oracle Pro - Silver

  • Bluetooth Version: 5.1

    Bluetooth Distance: 15 meters

    Talk Time: 6 hours

    Working Frequency: 300 - 3000 KHz

    Net weight: 45g

    Battery: Lithium Polymer 140mAh

    Working Temperature: Minus 20-60 degrees Celsius

    Charge Time: 50 minutes

    Standby Current: < 0.5 mA

    Materials: TR90, Aluminum Titanium Alloy, Silica Gel, etc

    Noise Reduction: Yes

    Water Resistance: IP67

  • You are eligible for Limited Warranty support for 1 year commencing upon the date of retail purchase of your Product ("Warranty Period").

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